Our Team

Annie, Oliver & Nicole knew long ago that their paths would lead to A&O Advisors.  Having started their financial careers at Merrill Lynch in wake of the great recession, they are uniquely qualified to address the ever changing financial and economic environments facing clients today.  All three are leading the path for the new wave of financial industry professionals.

Annie Mae Werner
Founder & Chief Strategist

Annie is a money savvy powerhouse.  She’ll whip you into your best financial shape and have fun doing so.

Oliver Joachim Kupe
Founder & President

Oliver works tirelessly to help provide the life his clients deserve so that they may reap the rewards for all their collective hard work.

Nicole Roberta Meihofer
Partner & Financial Planning Advisor

Nicole is an unapologetic optimist, Chicago native and on a mission to simplify the unnecessarily complicated world of personal finance.

Cameron Dickerson
Managing Partner

Cameron brings to A&O his passion and knowledge in educating young professionals and athletes.  His ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere is only one of his many exceptional gifts.

Patrick Griffith
Operations Consultant

Patrick is a devoted educator who believes knowledge empowers all and that the financial journey never ends.  He is always ready to explain the concepts of personal finance and derives immense satisfaction from educating others.  

Patrice Ayeni
Operations Consultant

Patrice brings to A&O her extensive knowledge in organizing and educating athletes.  She joins A&O Advisors after working 13 years as an administrator in intercollegiate athletics. 

Andrea Showers
Marketing Executive

Andrea is passionate about developing positive relationships and enjoys bringing her creativity to the world.  A&O's beautiful designs have been the brainchild of her incredible talents.