Individuals and Families

Our clients make us who we are. They cover a broad spectrum of professions, cultures, demographics, and stages in life. Whether you're a young professional, starting a family, or in the prime of your career...we have a plan for you at A&O Advisors.

We firmly believe that everyone should have access to proper wealth management services. Our ability to serve you isn't based on an asset minimum but the quality of the person and their financial ambitions. So if you fall into one of our 3 client segments when it comes to individuals and families, we offer a road map for your financial needs:

The Accumulator

"High Income Earning but not Financially Free"
As a high-income earner in the accumulation phase of your life, you may have a number of financial challenges and opportunities to navigate. These can range from understanding your employee benefits or establishing tax-advantaged savings accounts, to repaying student debt and saving for a home purchase. We are here to guide through this accumlation phase and on the right track for your financial journey.

The Riser

"Financial Freedom with the Passion to Work"
As you enter the peak of your career, you may experience a pivotal moment of financial freedom—where your debts are all paid and you’ve accumulated enough wealth to support your lifestyle and invest excess cash savings. In some cases even making your job optional. This position of power creates a number of financial opportunities and considerations to explore.

The Flier

You've finally allowed yourself to take flight into an enjoyable retirement after a lifetime of hardwork. As you begin to transition from your career into retirement, a number of financial and lifestyle changes need to be considered. One of the biggest fears facing retirees is running out of money. With increasing life expectancies, healthcare costs, and ever changing financial environments, having a well-coordinated retirement income and estate plan can help you retire with peace of mind.