Investment Management

Long-Term Focus

We take the emotion and anxiety out of investing by building our client portfolios with a long term view. Your portfolio will be constructed based on your long term financial goals and not based off the day to day fluctutions in the market.

Unbiased Recomendation

At A&O Advisors we select our investments based on merit and philosophy. Keeping our recommendations unbiased and clear of conflicts of interest is a necessity. We do not answer to investment companies or receive incentive fees to offer certain services or products.

Custom Portfolios

Your porfolio is built to match your overall financial status, goals, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance. It is not a one size fits all or off the shelf investment model. We tailor portfolio based on all the external factors impacting your potential investment outcomes.

Evidence Based Investing Approach

Evidence Based Investing is our disciplined approach to investment management. Through EBI we filter out all the noise, information, hype, and emotion from market commentary in order to make reasoned investment decisions void of as much emotional investor behavior as possible.

Tax Minimization

Limiting tax exposure is one of THE crucial variables in producing higher investment returns and reducing overall tax liabilities. By working with our tax specialist and independent investment managers we'll construct a tax efficient portfolio for you.

Alternative Investments

In today's market environment, access to alternative investments is more available than ever before. We use alternative investments to limit downside exposure & correlation with the general market. As well as ensure additional diversification in less traditional asset classes within your overall portfolio.